NFL Players Suspended For Violating DraftKings Terms Of Use

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NEW YORK—As the league sought to crack down on players involved in gambling, the NFL announced this week the suspension of four players for violating the DraftKings terms of use. “The players in question are receiving indefinite suspensions for conduct that goes against the basic integrity of DraftKings and everything that DraftKings stands for,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, adding that the players in question failed to abide by several key stipulations clearly laid out in the sports betting company’s legal agreement. “The league takes this matter very seriously, and we cannot permit our players to put our fans’ belief in the outcome of their DraftKings bets in jeopardy through their casual flaunting of the rules. DraftKings made these rules for a reason, whether that’s eligibility or withdrawal of prizes, and we need to punish those who violate the rules to deter future violations. These players need to remember who they work for.” Goodell also reminded the rest of the league to take the four players’ suspensions into account when placing their future DraftKings bets.