NFL Scout Hoping Player’s Hometown Friend ‘Big Killah’ Won’t Be Liability

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MIAMI—Declaring that University of Miami wide receiver Marcus Henderson could be the missing piece to their franchise, a NFC West scout told reporters Thursday that he hopes the player’s hometown friend Chris “Big Killah” Dawkins will not be a liability.


Reports indicate that Big Killah, who appears on multiple social media platforms posing with handguns and drug paraphernalia while exhaling thick billows of smoke, first met Henderson while playing on their local Pop Warner football team. The two reportedly remained close friends up to, and through, Henderson’s commitment to the nearby University of Miami and Killah’s entrance into a diversionary program.

“Marcus has all the skills to be a star in the NFL, and we’re really high on him,” the scout said of Henderson, who is reportedly listed as “main dawg” in Killah’s cell phone contacts, below the numbers of at least three convicted felons. “Of course, with a major investment like this we’d prefer if he were no longer closely tied to a man who has ‘Thug 4 Life’ tattooed across his back, but given the length of their relationship we assume Mr. Dawkins will remain a part of the picture.”

“However, we are certainly willing to give Big Killah the benefit of the doubt,” he added.

Sources say Killah, whose employment status remains unclear, frequently invites Henderson out to bars, nightclubs, and house parties, often arriving to pick up the highly touted wide receiver without warning. Reports confirm that during these outings Big Killah typically encounters at least one of the growing number of individuals with whom he is engaged in an ongoing dispute.

The talent evaluator acknowledged that he was aware Dawkins has been banned from Miami’s Coral Gables campus since 2011.

Big Killah, who insists he has stayed out of trouble the past few months, has reportedly suggested to Henderson on numerous occasions that he should purchase a firearm, almost always offering to procure a weapon for him. Sources added that Killah continues to be a person of interest in several Dade County investigations.


“He does raise a few red flags,” the NFC West scout said of the man who considers Satin Gentlemen’s Lounge his favorite hangout. “But we trust Marcus’ judgment on Mr. Dawkins.”

“Though the brutal incident involving the boyfriend of one of his sons’ mothers is somewhat disconcerting,” he continued.


According to those close to the situation, Big Killah has held countless discussions with Henderson about purchasing a large seven-bedroom home for them to live in when he is drafted, with reports indicating the duo would be joined by Killah’s brother Slippy, cousins Bones and Chuckie Ice, and mutual friend Dr. Dank, who is reportedly an aspiring rap artist. Sources said the entourage would function as Henderson’s personal protection, with Killah acting as head of security.

Initial reports suggest Big Killah has also expressed interest in serving as Henderson’s financial advisor.


Witnesses said Dawkins regularly reminds others around town of his association with Henderson, often trading on the star athlete’s name for various forms of preferential treatment. According to sources, Big Killah recently purchased several thousand dollars’ worth of customizations to his car from a local body shop under the promise he would repay them once Henderson is drafted.

Sources added that Killah is also widely known to have a serious gambling issue.

While the scout said he does not endorse Mr. Dawkins’ lifestyle, he believes Marcus will ultimately make the right decisions as a professional player.


“We’re hoping that he’ll be preoccupied with team activities once he is in the NFL,” the scout said of Henderson, who has reportedly received a dozen text messages from Killah this week, imploring him to help deliver retribution for the recent beating of another childhood friend. “So if Marcus and Mr. Dawkins are a package deal we are willing to take the risk.”

“Marcus is a heck of a ball player,” he added.

At press time, a bleeding Big Killah was reportedly speeding 95 miles per hour down the Don Shula Expressway toward Marcus’ apartment.