NFL Week 13 Winners And Losers

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Onion Sports presents its winners and losers from the 13th week of the NFL season:


  • Patrick Peterson: The Cardinals cornerback showed maturity when he swallowed his pride and didn’t attempt to cover Julio Jones one-on-one
  • Oakland Raiders: Legally entitled to NFL’s revenue-sharing
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh’s stout defense did everything possible to successfully prevent Saints tight end Jimmy Graham from reaching the end zone


  • Tom Coughlin: Observers worry it may finally be time for Coughlin to retire last year
  • Andy Dalton: The Bengals quarterback vomited several times after watching an instant replay of his performance on the Jumbotron
  • San Francisco 49ers: After only putting three points on the board against the Seahawks, the 49ers faced a humiliating chorus of boos from the last few remaining beer vendors at Levi’s Stadium