North Korean Nukes

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Last week, it was revealed that North Korea has secretly been pursuing a nuclear-weapons program. What do you think?

"While it appears that North Korea may indeed have The Bomb, it remains unclear whether they have The Food."

Gene Franke • Systems <br>Analyst

"My remarks on this matter will be brief, as the only stereotype I know of Koreans is that they eat dogs."

Valerie Schmidt • Florist


"I just pray that this does not interfere with the Koreans' important work animating The Simpsons."

Christopher <br>Sims • Lawyer

"Don't worry: It's probably just a bootleg bomb that won't work anyway."

Bill Cullums • Delivery Driver


"This news really burns me up. In fact, it vaporizes me into my component subatomic particles, leaving the soil around me lifeless and radioactive for millennia."

Marcia Martz • Homemaker

"North Korea may have a few nukes, but we have more than 12,000. That should make everyone feel safer."

Eddie Rutt • Cashier