Northeast Sees Rise Of Mutant ‘Zombie’ Bees

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Beekeepers in the Northeast have reported seeing an uptick in mutant “zombie” bees that behave erratically due to being attacked by small, parasitic flies that latch onto them and lay eggs in their bodies, which then hatch and cause the bees to become disoriented and eventually die. What do you think?

“Beekeepers can be such drama queens.”

Rachelle O’Quinn • Floor Plan Drafter

“Shhh—Did you hear that? Buzzing. I definitely heard buzzing. And where’s Debbie? I swear she was just here.”

Chris Dotrice • Aerial Acrobat


“I hope those beekeepers know you have to sting zombie bees in the head to fully kill them.”

Moira Sweeney • Systems Analyst