Norwegian Cruise Line Introduces ‘Now Or Never’ Tour Of The Arctic

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MIAMI—Touting the new vacation package as a never-to-be-repeated limited-time offer, Norwegian Cruise Line announced Thursday it would begin offering a special “Now or Never” tour of sites that still remain above water on the Arctic coast. “We invite travelers to join us as we sail past the rugged majestic tundra for one last look, an opportunity Norwegian is proud to offer for the next 15, 18 months tops,” said company spokesperson Angela Gold, explaining that passengers would be able to board a luxury cruise liner in New York, Seattle, or Vancouver before hightailing it north to try to catch a glimpse of whatever was left up there. “Climb aboard for this last-of-its-kind adventure, and some day, when your children ask you what a glacier was, you’ll be able to tell them you saw one with your own eyes—though it will probably be more like an iceberg, and a small, melting one at that. Plus, if we can find any that haven’t drowned yet, you might get to spot a polar bear! But please, you must book your passage today. Quickly. Quickly now.” At press time, Norwegian officials stated that they would be rerouting all “Now or Never” lines to the Florida Everglades, saying their ships had a slightly better chance of making it there in time to see the remnants of an ecosystem before it vanished completely.