Notable Athlete-Branded Products

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With sports stars lending their names to everything from furniture to salsa, Onion Sports breaks down some of the most notable athlete-branded products.


The Rob Gronkowski Guide To Jane Austen

Written by the tight end during the 2013 offseason, this guide has been praised by literary critics as the definitive primer on the Austen oeuvre

Derrick Rose Aircasts

The MVP point guard’s custom line of Adidas Aircasts come in both performance and casual wear

George Foreman Grills

The name of this former boxing champ has adorned this product ever since he claimed both the heavyweight title and Joe Frazier Grills, Inc. from the eponymous fighter


Roger Federer’s Cardboard Boxes

Cementing his reputation as the premier athlete for the world’s high-end clientele, Federer has become the face of the finest cardboard boxes on the market



NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook designed this app to locate potential free agent acquisitions within a 10-mile radius of Oklahoma City


Flutie Flakes

Advertisements for quarterback Doug Flutie’s cereal encouraged young children to eat these flakes every morning if they hoped to one day grow up to be 5’10” and 175 lbs


Kawhi Leonard Microprocessors By Intel

Leonard agreed to lend his name to the chip after the circuitry powered him to a 2014 NBA Finals MVP


Manute Bol Ceiling Pads

These discreet padded strips are guaranteed to reduce head contusions in the homes of those over 7’5”


Cal Ripken Gourmet Burgers

To honor his record consecutive games streak, Ripken has challenged customers to eat his frozen black angus burgers 2,632 days in a row


Mike Tyson Press

A small literary organization based in Tyson’s hometown of Brooklyn that strives to publish the fiction of underrepresented boxers


Michael Jordan Steakhouse

The Chicago restaurant nearly folded upon opening thanks to the namesake’s vicious browbeating of maitre d’s, sous chefs, and busboys as soft and weak