Notable Commencement Speakers For The Class Of 2017

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Each spring, colleges around the country invite luminaries and public figures to speak to their graduating class. Here are this year’s most notable speakers:

The Dalai Lama, UC San Diego

The spiritual leader is expected to offer graduates advice about living untethered from earthly possessions, at least until the job market picks up a little

Sheryl Sandberg, University of Virginia

Facebook’s COO will remind the class of 2017 that no matter where life’s journey might lead them, Facebook owns them


Bernie Sanders, Brooklyn College

Sanders plans to drive home the point that all of this could have been free

Billie Jean King, Northwestern University

As a former tennis champion, King will provide insight about keeping your chin up in the face of a returned serve low to your left side


Hillary Clinton, Wellesley College

Clinton is scheduled to speak to graduates of her alma mater, though critics are already condemning her for not scheduling more commencement speeches in Wisconsin


Tim Cook, MIT

Apple’s CEO is expected to unveil a slightly smoother updated version of his GWU 2015 commencement speech


Mike Pence, Notre Dame

Vice President Pence has agreed to speak under the condition that female graduates wear full-body mortarboards


Steven Levitan, University Of Wisconsin

The Modern Family creator will talk openly about overcoming the struggles he faced as a member of the 18-34 demographic


Barack Obama, Monsters University

In one of this year’s most anticipated speeches, the 44th president will address the nation’s scariest students


Steven Van Zandt, Rutgers University

By speaking about his years as a guitarist in The E Street Band and cast member of The Sopranos, Van Zandt will inspire graduates with the absolute best case scenario for never getting out of New Jersey


Oprah Winfrey, Skidmore College

She’s always good at this kind of shit