WICHITA, KS—Portending the atmosphere of good humor and merriment that lay ahead, a novelty welcome mat reportedly let guests arriving at Jeff Larson’s house party know Friday that they were in for some serious fun before they had even set foot inside. “WARNING: Good times ahead,” read the convivial doormat, a tantalizing teaser of all the engaging interactions, incredible music, delicious appetizers, great drinks, and raucous party games that would entertain and delight attendees as soon as they’d crossed the threshold into the wildly festive environment that awaited. “Enter dance floor at your own risk.” At press time, partygoers confirmed that, having stepped foot through the door and immediately encountered a table with bowls of pretzels, brownie bites, tortilla chips, and two types of dip, the party was more than living up to the doormat’s hype.

It’s not a party until someone opens the Cheetos snacks.

Brought to you by Cheetos


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