NPR Launches New Podcast Exploring Lives Of Employees They Just Laid Off

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NEW YORK—In the wake of a cost-cutting decision to terminate roughly 10% of its workforce, National Public Radio announced Friday that it had launched a new podcast exploring the lives of employees they just laid off. “Although the decision to eliminate roughly 100 employees was not taken lightly, we are so excited to announce our next groundbreaking podcast series, which follows several NPR correspondents, researchers, and audio engineers on their gripping and often heartbreaking journey through unemployment,” said CEO John F. Lansing, adding that the 10-part, hour long series called Down And Out will feature many listeners’ favorite correspondents from podcasts like Invisibilia, Louder Than A Riot, and Rough Translation struggling to pay rent, go to the doctor, or put food on the table. “While NPR did provide employees with severance, that will eventually run out, and that’s where the podcast truly begins. Will our former employees ever be able to get another job? Will they have to move home with their parents? Might they even leave the media industry entirely? Tune in for our first episode—featuring a surprise guest who lost his job after 40 years of working at NPR—to find out!” At press time, Lansing announced that the entire Down And Out production team had been let go.