NRA Praised For Decreasing Stigma Of Mentally Ill Acquiring Firearms

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FAIRFAX, VA—Expressing immense gratitude for their role in normalizing and promoting the pursuits of marginalized people, the National Alliance on Mental Illness issued a statement Thursday praising the National Rifle Association for decreasing the stigma around mentally ill people acquiring firearms. “There are still many Americans who hold prejudices against people with schizophrenia purchasing assault weapons, but the NRA has made incredible strides to help reduce that bias,” said NAMI representative Rebeccah Vance, lauding the NRA’s tireless efforts to advocate for all potentially unstable Americans to easily purchase a firearm, no matter their age, background, or history of mental illness. “It’s often hard for someone who’s suffering from symptoms of mental illness to be able to do a simple thing like buying a firearm; however, now those suffering from psychiatric disorders are no longer forced to live in the shadows. Thanks to the NRA, all Americans can easily satisfy their violent urges without enduring humiliating, unnecessary background checks.” At press time, the NRA received glowing praise for their fearless efforts to help secure firearms for all those convicted of domestic violence.