Nutritionists Recommend 3-4 Daily Servings Of Anything That's About To Go Bad

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ROCHESTER, MN—In an effort to help Americans get the most out of every meal, nutritionists at the Mayo Clinic on Wednesday recommended three to four daily servings of anything that’s about to go bad. “Having found many American diets severely lacking in food on the borderline of being expired, we’re now suggesting three to four servings each day of items such as leftovers that have maybe one more night left in them,” said researcher Gail McLeod, adding that appropriately altering one’s diet could be as simple as eating cereal with milk that smells sort of funky but was still probably okay and topping it with slices of iffy, but still technically edible, overripe banana. “You don’t have to turn your eating patterns upside down. Just make a habit of dipping chips in browned guacamole that’s likely decent once you scrape off the top, or mix in some wilted, limp lettuce along with other greens in your salad.” McLeod went on to say, however, that moderation was still essential and that fresh bread should be consumed in addition to bread with the blue-green mold sliced off of the crust.


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