NYC Opens $500 Million Decoy Subway Station To Catch Turnstile Jumpers

Image for article titled NYC Opens $500 Million Decoy Subway Station To Catch Turnstile Jumpers

NEW YORK—In a new effort by the MTA and law enforcement to crack down on fare evasion, New York City reportedly opened a $500 million decoy subway station this week to catch turnstile jumpers. “This sprawling, state-of-the-art station will have all the sights and sounds of a regular terminal, including turnstiles that will not accept MetroCards regardless of their available balance, increasing the likelihood of attempts to avoid payment,” said MTA project manager Greg Langdon, adding that the act of fare evasion would cause the floor to open up, sending the commuter down a chute connected to a windowless underground holding cell. “From the outside, there will be signage indicating that the very realistic station serves every train in the system. Upon entry, the station’s 500 security cameras will automatically capture high-definition photographs and videos of travellers and send them directly to the nearest precinct to be referenced against arrest records. A mix of plainclothes police and SWAT officers will also be on hand to help detain and interrogate anyone trying to ride for free. We hope to completely eliminate fare dodgers by adding decoy stations throughout the city.” At press time, Langdon added that to cover costs for this pilot program, the MTA would be closing 472 stations.