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OAKLAND, CA—As the moving trucks of new residents arrived outside the former Oakland Coliseum over the objections of team officials, the Oakland Athletics stadium was immediately converted into condos Friday after the team missed a rent payment. “We warned the Athletics organization that if they were delinquent on rent that this would happen, and with the housing market being what it is, we think the new 200-unit Oakland Condominiums is a better long-term investment anyway,” said Scott Haggerty, the supervisor of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority, adding that it was the baseball team’s choice to stop paying rent and the county had to make money on the property somehow. “With studios starting at $2,800 per month in the former concourse and plenty of green space in the converted outfield, the Oakland Condominiums are a great investment for young professionals and San Francisco tech workers looking for a more eclectic living experience. We even have two units of affordable housing to satisfy city requirements in what used to be the stadium’s bathrooms. It has skylights, all-new appliances, and the history of decades of baseball played right where our open-plan kitchens now stand. We’re actually grateful to the Athletics that they decided to withhold rent, because this is much better for us.” City authorities also informed the Athletics that their old baseball equipment that was illegally left at the facility had been seized and transferred to the Guadalupe Landfill in San Jose.


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