Oat Farmer Seriously Thinking About Getting Into Barley

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CARLISLE, IA—Calling the potential transition a drastic but much-needed change of pace, oat farmer Bill Gannon told reporters Monday he’s seriously thinking about getting into barley. “Obviously, cultivating oats will always have a special place in my heart, but recently I can’t help but wonder if harvesting barley is my true calling,” said Gannon, admitting that while it may seem “totally insane” to throw away the 40 years he had dedicated to a cereal grain primarily used as livestock feed, it was high time to take a leap of faith with a cereal grain prominently used as livestock feed and as an ingredient in beers and stews. “Sure, I will have to become accustomed to separating the seeds by a mere 20 to 25 cm instead of the 25 to 30 cm I’ve known all my mortal days, but, hey, you have only one life to live. God, am I just being rash? No, no, I’ve gone as far as I can with oats. It’s now or never—I need to just go all in and do it already!” At press time, a hyperventilating Gannon was considering perhaps playing it safe with soybeans until things settle down.