Obama Fills Out Lukewarm Glassdoor Review After Exiting Presidency

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WASHINGTON—Noting aspects of the job he enjoyed as well as offering what he hoped would be helpful criticism, Barack Obama reportedly filled out a lukewarm review of the presidency on the employer review website Glassdoor a few days after exiting the position last Friday. “In terms of pros, you get to travel a lot and there’s lots of free food—also super dog-friendly,” wrote the 44th commander-in-chief in an anonymous three-star review, selecting the box for “former” employee and choosing “full-time” from the employment status drop-down menu. “In terms of cons, though, the hours are terrible for your work-life balance, and it’s often hard to get anything done because there’s so much red tape, not to mention all the cliques and office politics (frankly, lots of asshole coworkers). All kinds of responsibility but very little recognition for accomplishments, which definitely starts to wear on you. I ultimately don’t think I’d recommend this job to others.” At press time, other Glassdoor users noted that the unnamed person who wrote the review seemed to have a much harder time than the previous position holder, who described the job as “usually tons of fun.”