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WASHINGTON—Continuing a practice that he followed as president, Barack Obama reportedly upheld an old in-office tradition Saturday by releasing his 2019 summer kill list. “I’ve been busy with other things, so it’s not as extensive a kill list as some I released back when I was president, but I hope you find who I’ve been authorizing the deaths of over the last few months interesting,” said the former commander in chief in a statement released on social media accompanying a list of 44 people he had ordered killed, an apparent homage to his being the 44th president. “Now, you might not recognize all these names, because some of them are pretty obscure, and it’s not like I was going to put anyone on from a previous list because you have to change things up, but I think it’s pretty well-rounded and eclectic. There are a lot of foreign names on the list and a lot of Middle Eastern flavor, but there’s some Somali people on there, and some homegrown folks too. Michelle and I just wanted to keep the tradition alive, since I know a lot of people enjoyed these lists when I was president.” Obama added that he was sorry if his summer kill list went a little heavy on Robin Thicke.


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