OGN’s Best Games To Play During The Coronavirus Quarantine

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Stuck inside? You’re not alone. Thankfully, gamers like us have a secret weapon: a near endless list of video games to keep us happy and engaged while we’re waiting out the pandemic outside our doors. Here is OGN’s definitive list of the best games to play during the coronavirus quarantine.

The Witcher 3:

With quarantine expected to last weeks, if not months, now’s the perfect time to get about halfway through this sprawling epic.


The Oregon Trail:

Watching your digital family succumb to dysentery, tuberculosis, and cholera is the perfect way to keep your mind off the devastation of the real-life coronavirus.


The Jackbox Party Pack:

Play these lighthearted party games with your friends and family remotely to quickly remind yourself why you never spent much time with them before you were quarantined.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Survival horror at its best, and a perfect antidote for these trying and chilling times. Manage your resources correctly, hone your skills, and, after 40-plus hours of gameplay, you might just have what it takes to take down the dreaded Tom Nook.



It’s worth playing this arcade classic to keep its tradition alive with modern gamers, because everyone who played it when it first came out in 1979 is almost certainly going to die.



Take out your isolation-induced frustration the healthy way by murdering the avatars of middle-school children.


Xbox One Demo Station At Target:

No one’s using it—now’s your chance!