EA Games Teases New Project With Cryptic New ‘FIFA 2022’ Logo

Illustration for article titled EA Games Teases New Project With Cryptic New ‘FIFA 2022’ Logo

All aboard the hype train, gamers! EA just teased a tantalizing new project, and we’re absolutely trembling with excitement over what it could possibly be. In a slick business move, the publisher didn’t release any concept art or gameplay footage. Instead, they dropped a cryptic new logo that simply reads FIFA 2022.


We have no idea what it means, readers, but color us intrigued!

Here’s how it happened: Earlier this morning, EA’s Twitter account put out a 10-second teaser in which the words FIFA 2022 mysteriously fade onscreen before cutting to a “Coming Soon” message. That’s it. Yes, seriously. There’s nothing more. You don’t see any characters, environments, or anything to even suggest what this game’s storyline might be. It’s maddening, to say the least, yet genius at the same time. Certainly, it’s gotten everyone at the OGN office feverishly speculating about what this elusive new game might be.

Maybe FIFA is the lead character’s name and this is going to be an action RPG? A sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, perhaps? Or maybe FIFA is an acronym? If one of those F’s stands for “Fire,” we might even be talking about a new first-person shooter franchise. Gosh, who knows? Then again, what about the 2022 part? Is that supposed to be the game’s subtitle, or is that the year it will be set? But, huh, that’s only a year in the future… Maybe it’s one of those games that’s based on the past generation’s vision of the future, à la Bioshock?

Your guess about FIFA 2022 is honestly as good as ours, gamers.

One thing’s for sure: Our list of potential GOTY material just got a major new contender. Obviously, we’re excited for upcoming titles like Halo:Infinite, Deathloop, and Sifu, but the thing is, we know what to expect with those. FIFA 2022 could literally be anything, which just makes it all the more alluring.

The biggest breadcrumb we’ve gotten so far is that there seems to be some sort of stadium music accompanying the video. Could that suggest this is some kind of fighting game? Maybe it even features VR? God, the suspense is just killing us! What could this game be? Or is it even a game, to begin with?!

We reached out to EA with some questions about the teaser, hoping they would throw us a bone, but all they said was, “Soccer fans will be thrilled!” which only further adds to the mystery. I guess at this point we’ll unfortunately just have to sit and wait to hear more news. Until then, gamers, you can catch us scouring the internet for leaks while working on our fan theories! Whatever Fifa 2022 turns out to be, it’s got our number!