Travis Briswalther
CEO, AmTel

Peterson? Another wage cutback. Make it a double. And what say we don't water it down with a lot of firing-bonus mumbo-jumbo.

That's the stuff. I am feeling no pain. Now let's get down to business. Since RE/corp took over operations and placed me at the helm as CEO and president, AmTel has emerged as the leader in the computer-telephony field. With profits up, costs down, and 12 low-balls in the bag, I am so drunk on power I can barely see straight!


You there. Vice president in charge of operations? Take a memo. Let's construct another corporate headquarters in Taiwan. Yes, I would like another corporate headquarters. No, I do not think I've had enough. This is our anniversary, for Christ's sake. You know what? It's my own business, and if I want another headquarters, I'm having another headquarters.

You're fired. No, wait. Wait. I hire you back.

"In re" ongoing labor strikes, it is my intention to stand up—whoa—I believe I will stay seated.


Now, pending approval on the Minnesota job-reduction plan I authored several moments ago, we are all-systems-go to break ground on the Czechoslovakia facility in June. Additionally, the recent set of Heartland firings is over, and with that in mind, I suggest we have another round.

Eudyce? Get me an airplane. Outstanding payables reduction under Travis Briswalther is phenomenal: Run a tab. Actually, scratch that. I'm feeling magnanimous. The plane's on me. Fuck it. Let's really do this, right?


You bet your ass I'm serious, I… Oh man. I'm feeling light-headed—I really shouldn't have ordered that last set of convertible bonds. I… whoo. Jesus, I haven't been this drunk on power since I took us public in '93.

You'd think at my age I could handle all this power, but I guess it can still come up behind you and kick you in the ass. Maybe I should slow down… I mean, I'm not out of control or slurring minorities and getting sued by the NAACP, like that IBM guy, but still, when I stood up a second ago, it was like everything was revolving around me.


I do think I need a glass of spring water, though. Thanks, Eudyce. Say, Eudyce? I don't think I've ever told you that I really consider you my closest ally, second to my wife. Yeah, I do. These other guys, they don't like to vertically integrate the same kind of stuff that we do when we get together. You're…really great. Really, really great.

Now get me Takashi Sonobe on 4. I want to personally tell the old fossil he's out. Yes, Eudyce, I'm sure this is the right time. Get him on the phone.


Thank you. Hello? Hey! Hold on a sec, Takashi. …Eudyce, could you excuse me?

Sorry, Takashi. Yeah so…. Domo arigato, sexy.

It's Briswalther. Ha ha ha. Buying you out! Ha ha. Guy who's going to take your job! Ha ha. No, no way. No way.


Yeah, so, it's like, I've wanted to talk to you ever since our Tuesday face-time. Yeah, I felt this mutual connection. I think it was mutual. It's like, we get each other, you know? We're both really… powerful, you know? Yeah, Karen doesn't get that about me. My wife. Karen.

You're not creeped, are you? Well, I guess I do mean it—I mean, I know I do. I do. I don't just… I don't just let anybody in, Takashi.


Ah-hmm. Mm-hmm. Call you after the deal goes through? Okay. Of course, Takashi. Of course. You too.

Eudyce? Oh God, Eudyce! Oh God, Eudyce, hold me.

No, of course not, I apologize. I'm just looped. I'm looped. I think I'm gonna… nope. No, I'm fine. But I think I should get a ride home. I don't think I'm capable of driving myself home. Yes, I agree. I'm in no state. Driver! Get my car ready! I'm going home.


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