One Year Into The Stimulus Plan

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It's been one year since the launch of the $787 billion federal stimulus package.


How has the money helped Americans?

  • $25 million: Built a bridge from the front door of Kansas City resident Sam Milbury's house to his usual liquor store
  • $7: Snow removal for District of Columbia
  • $26,040,269: Got every Pittsburgh-area resident a one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated
  • $2.2 million: Widened the National Debt Clock
  • $390 million: High-speed bullet train service between Moline, IL and East Moline, IL
  • $2.57: Provided Mindy Walker with a free hot breakfast that she immediately threw up in the cafeteria because of a gluten allergy
  • $336 million: Bribed Maine not to defect to Canada
  • $787 billion: Successfully launched the Sarah Palin 2012 presidential campaign