One-Year-Old Still Waiting For Father’s First Words

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SAVANNAH, GA—Saying he had been anticipating the milestone for months, local 1-year-old Connor Levine revealed Wednesday that he was still waiting to hear his father’s first words. “I’d kind of expected him to say a word or two by now, but I guess every dad is a little different,” the 12-month-old reportedly thought to himself, adding that he had heard his father emit a number of grunts, fussy grumbles, and other nonverbal vocalizations, but nothing that approached coherent speech. “Every day, I’m hoping this will be the time he finally says something, but I’m trying not to fixate on that. If he still hasn’t said anything by 18 months, though, I’m going to start worrying that something’s wrong.” The infant noted that he was also looking forward to the day when his father wasn’t up all night screaming.