Onion Social Announces Hiring Of James Damore As Chief Technology Officer

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PALO ALTO, CA—Lauding the important addition to the company’s leadership team, Onion Social announced Thursday the hiring of James Damore to serve as chief technology officer. “Mr. Damore really impressed us with the clarity of his thinking and his innovative solutions to today’s most pressing issues in the tech industry,” said Onion Social CEO Jeremy Rosenbaum of Damore, who received a Master’s of Science degree in systems biology at Harvard University before working as a research scientist at MIT and a software engineer at Google. “We’ve been eyeing Mr. Damore since we launched Onion Social and couldn’t be more thrilled to have our first choice for chief technology officer sign on. Not only is Mr. Damore a highly qualified technician, he’s a terrific writer and communicator. His hiring is part of our commitment to avoid becoming an ideological echo chamber and ensuring that our company’s executives represent a broad diversity of perspectives.” Onion Social also announced the departure of Chief Marketing Officer Ellen Bellamy and Human Resources Director Kate Stanwick, effective immediately, over creative differences.


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