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PALO ALTO, CA—Stressing that all Onion Social users should feel comfortable navigating the site’s revolutionary components, CEO Jeremy Rosenbaum announced on Wednesday plans to address users’ privacy concerns with the addition of a new “Are You Sure?” prompt to Onion Social’s doxing feature. “We firmly believe that this change will solve a majority of the privacy issues we’ve had,” said Rosenbaum, explaining that while the extra step might cause slight delays to the overall doxing process, it will ultimately help prevent impulsive, poorly considered doxing and eliminate the problem of accidental “butt doxing.” “All Onion Social users should be able to use the site without having to worry that their name, home address, telephone number, Social Security number, email addresses, frequented site logins, financial information, dating history, and employment information have been unintentionally shared with the wrong people. The doxing prompt is more than a security feature—it’s a testament to our commitment to users’ privacy needs.” At press time, Rosenbaum assured users there would be no changes to DoxBox™, the popular Onion Social feature that suggests people to dox based on who users have previously doxed.

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