Onion Social CEO Responds To Company Chaos By Donating $50 To Haiti

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PALO ALTO, CA—Responding to recent reports of chaos within his company, Onion Social CEO Jeremy Rosenbaum announced Thursday that he would donate $50 to aid Haiti in the island nation’s continuing humanitarian crisis. “I am formally announcing a donation of 50 U.S. dollars for the betterment of life and the ongoing reconstruction of Haiti,” said Rosenbaum, who spent much of the last week addressing reports of mass executive resignations, internal scandals, and potential litigation at his social networking company. “At Onion Social, we are more than just a corporation; we are one family, a family with a broad social consciousness, and it’s high time we paid more attention to the natural disasters this impoverished and politically unstable island nation is facing instead of the relatively minor private difficulties of truly generous companies such as Onion Social.” Following the release of new reports implicating Onion Social in the mutilation and death of multiple lowland gorillas during the testing phase of their Onion Glass augmented-reality goggles, Rosenbaum raised his donation to $75.


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