Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping

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While brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target are advertising door-buster deals to get consumers in their aisles on Black Friday, many Americans are opting to take advantage of the ease and product variety of online shopping. Here are the benefits of each shopping method:

Online Shopping

  • Easier to lie to yourself about quality of product if you don’t have to see it in person
  • Can more conveniently skirt international trade embargoes
  • Don’t have to use legs
  • Ability to read 1,634 reviews of $12 iPhone case before committing to purchase
  • Number of big-screen TVs you can buy not limited by size of car
  • Can avoid facing the employees you are taking away from loved ones

In-Store Shopping

  • Toaster Buddy more meaningful when fought to death over
  • Periodic exposure to germs necessary for robust immune system
  • Get to touch all the slippers
  • Less time wasted wading through convenient shipping options
  • Shopping with friends can be a bonding experience for people who otherwise have nothing to talk about
  • Screaming at clerk to unlock video game display case still counts as human contact