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Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he said that health care was not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, prompting a nationwide boycott of the organic grocery chain. Here are some of the other statements in the piece that infuriated customers:

  • "I use the sales from my organic meatballs to decorate the outside of my house with jewels."
  • "I like organic produce only because there's less of a chance that a Mexican picked it."
  • "You won't find too many good-looking chicks at my stores. For that, you've got to go to Ralphs."
  • "The word 'biodynamic' doesn't mean a damn thing. I made it up."
  • "I could never really get into Neil Young."
  • "Whole Foods offers free samples mainly to distract men while I have sex with their girlfriends and wives."
  • "Pirate's Booty is strictly for fags."
  • "Fuck NPR!"

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