Oprah Interviews Meghan Markle, Prince Harry: What To Expect

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On March 7, CBS will air Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A CBS Primetime Special, a two-hour interview that will be the couple’s first since they publicly split from the U.K. royal family. The Onion looks at the biggest potential revelations from the interview.

British tabloids skillfully interpreting Markle’s blouse color as a pointed subliminal insult to the queen.


Audible sound of world’s highest-paid PR experts nodding off-camera in unison to every talking point.

Heartfelt pleas to respect privacy of the former royals turned major Netflix producers during any current or upcoming press tours, speaking engagements, or nationally broadcast interviews.


Spoilers for season seven of The Crown.

Prince Harry guiding the camera into their bedroom while saying “This is where the magic happens.”


A very awkward Princess Diana segue.

The couple explaining how they’re using their prominent status to leech off two countries at once.


Announcement they signed a five-year production deal with the Swedish royal family to create new Swedes.

At the very least, a couple of clips you can take out of context to make everyone involved look bad.