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DENVER—Smiling at one another and joking about the fateful coincidence at they sat together at the Irish Lion Pub, local 26-year-old Nick Latham told reporters Friday he couldn’t believe he and the woman he had just met, Sara Reilly, also 26, owed tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt to the same bank. “We hit it off as soon as she walked over to the bar and started chatting, but she mentioned she was on a strict budget when I suggested getting another drink, and we just put it together from there,” said Latham, who noted with excitement that they even said the words “6.25 percent fixed interest rate” in perfect unison. “Not only that, but our loans are within four figures of each other, too. Sara and I will both be paying off this debt till we’re 53 years old! Tell me that’s not some sort of crazy coincidence!” At press time, a smitten Latham was asking Reilly if she wanted to leave the bar with him, since neither of them could afford non-happy-hour prices.


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