Pandering Nobel Peace Prize Committee Honors Global Harmony Again

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OSLO, NORWAY—In what critics are describing as another shameless appeal to the global population’s appreciation for love, tranquility, and cooperation, the members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee chose once again to pander to their audience and honor worldwide harmony, sources confirmed Friday. “Given the high-profile platform that committee members possess, it is extremely disappointing that they have yet again squandered their opportunity to make a bold statement and instead simply acquiesced to the populist pro-harmony views of the international public,” said Professor Dwight Stebbings of Cambridge University, adding that it was painfully obvious that the committee’s decision to celebrate goodwill was nothing more than a bald attempt to satisfy the masses. “Recognizing hope and mutual understanding was certainly the popular move, but that does not necessarily make it the right one. By commemorating fellowship amongst mankind simply because it is fashionable, they have only further diminished the value of this once-great honor. We should expect more from such a prestigious institution.” Stebbings added that he hopes the new faces on the committee next year will help them finally go in a darker, more daring direction.