Papa John’s Removes N-Word From Menus

Illustration for article titled Papa John’s Removes N-Word From Menus

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY—Apologizing for its use of the racial epithet, president and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza Steve Ritchie announced Thursday that the company would be removing the N-word from all restaurant menus. “No matter the context, there is no place for that offensive word in our ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ section or our ‘Signature Specialties,’” said Ritchie, adding that though the derogatory items were not being directed at anyone in particular, they do not express or reflect the business’s values or beliefs. “We truly regret any pain this hurtful and inappropriate language has caused anyone ordering at any of our more than 4,700 franchise locations. We will always continue to stand behind our product with its superior, quality ingredients and toppings, and we promise that even though the menu has changed, that great Papa John’s taste will remain the same.” At press time, Papa John’s unveiled plans to add three new “Excessive Force” dipping sauce flavors to the “Extras” menu.