Parents’ Visit Injects $66 Into Local Apartment Economy

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM—In what economists are calling a “significant infusion of cash” for the three-bedroom duplex, area parents Kevin and Elaine Broward have pumped $66 dollars into the economy of a local apartment, sources confirmed Thursday. “We expect this stimulus to be a real boon to household spending, with tenants perhaps replenishing paper towel, hand soap, and Swiffer Sweeper pad supplies,” said economist Cassidy Ellis-Smith of Moody’s Analytics, who predicted the funds, received as a reimbursement for fuel expenses incurred by roommate Sam Broward, 24, during a recent trip to see his parents, could increase consumer confidence in the household throughout the weekend. “An influx of capital like this should be more than enough to cover groceries, perhaps even providing the liquidity necessary to purchase a floor lamp for the living room.” At press time, economists confirmed they were revising their projections after the tenants had opted to spend $64.38 on Kingdom Hearts III.