Illustration for article titled Patriots Tired Of Jimmy Garoppolo Beginning Every Huddle With ‘This Is My Team Now’

FOXBOROUGH, MA—Complaining that the quarterback has kept up the annoying habit throughout training camp, several members of the New England Patriots admitted to reporters Thursday that they have grown tired of Jimmy Garoppolo beginning every huddle by stating “This is my team now.” “He’s always taking time before calling the play to remind us that Tom’s gone and he’s running the show—it’s really starting to get on everyone’s nerves,” said Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, adding that Garoppolo slowly makes eye contact with each of the 10 other offensive players while reiterating that he is the undisputed face of the franchise. “We usually get to the line of scrimmage with around five seconds left on the play clock because he keeps telling everybody to forget about Tom and look up to him now. And I don’t know how many more times I can stand hearing him tell us that if we have a problem with a play call, we should take it up with his Super Bowl ring.” Team sources also confirmed that every player on the Patriots roster has thus far refused to call Garoppolo by his self-appointed nickname, “The Future.”


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