Paul Ryan Delivers Impassioned 10-Minute Pained Facial Expression

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CLEVELAND—In what pundits described as an intense and heartfelt appearance, House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered an impassioned 10-minute pained facial expression Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention. “Though he was only onstage for a short time, Paul Ryan was able to convey his point clearly tonight and with a palpable level of conviction,” said political analyst Wendy Coates, who noted that Ryan had been particularly forceful while gazing out into the audience with a dead-eyed stare, gripping the lectern tightly with both fists, and contorting his brow into a pronounced furrow. “The several minutes he spent grimacing and appearing extremely physically uncomfortable were especially powerful, as was his transition to that memorable long, drawn-out sigh. I think his message really resonated with a lot of viewers tonight.” According to both political commentators and regular RNC viewers, the highlight of Ryan’s appearance was his closing 60 seconds of extremely emphatic jaw clenching.