PC Culture Gone Too Far? Typing ‘Western Civilization’ Into The Chat Box In ‘The Sims’ Doesn’t Unlock Any Cheats

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Anyone who follows the state of gaming knows there’s been a protracted attack on our industry over the past decade, one that threatens to erode all that we hold dear about video games and gamer culture in general. But it was not until today that we could say the onward march of political correctness has finally gone too far: Today, OGN has learned that typing “Western Civilization” into the chat box in 2000’s The Sims does not unlock a single cheat.

This is the thought police spitting in the face of our collective heritage.

That’s right, gamers: ancient Greece, Shakespeare, the Cathedral of Notre Dame—apparently none of that means anything to the social justice warriors over at Maxis. It used to be that we celebrated people like Isaac Newton or Thomas Aquinas, but apparently left-wing radicals are too dedicated to carping on about social justice to let the simple words “Western Civilization” unlock 100,000 simoleans. That’s the fallen world we live in today, brought to you by the cowards at EA.


There is nothing bigoted about celebrating all the wonders that Europeans have accomplished. But to spineless weakling Will Wright, everything associated with the accomplishments of an entire continent’s culture must automatically be thrown down the memory hole. That’s why typing “Western Civilization” into the chat box prompts zero rewards: no unlocked decor, no free satisfaction points. And that holds true no matter how many times you type in “Judeo-Christian Heritage” or “The Renaissance.” Apparently, facts are not politically correct anymore! Who knew?

Hey, but we’re willing to bet that typing in “Mohammad” unlocks every building lot in the game since that’s the only word leftist moral crusaders want you to be able to say these days!


Gamers, we must put an end to this plague of political correctness. Hitting the tilde key and typing “Western Civilization” into its console should be enough for a significant resource boost or access to God mode, at the very least. This is our history we are talking about. Stand up and let Maxis know you won’t let them denigrate you like this any longer!