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LOS ANGELES—Slamming the practice as cruel and inhumane, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals condemned the British Broadcasting Corporation Tuesday for trapping thousands of endangered animals inside television screens. “It is disgusting the way the BBC keeps these endangered species confined inside TV screens when they should be out running wild in their natural habitats,” said Lisa Lange, senior vice president of communications for the organization, adding that many elephants were forced to live in cramped television screens and computer monitors as small as 12 inches. “For decades, the BBC has been ensnaring threatened populations of gorillas, rhinos, and wolves inside pixelated LCD and plasma-screen televisions. While they do their best to recreate their natural habitats, it’s just not the same as allowing them to roam free.” At press time, PETA was urging their supporters to smash their television sets to free the threatened wildlife.


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