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NORFOLK, VA—Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) blasted the American advertising industry this week for use of eerily realistic robotic wildlife that confuse animal activists. "Protecting the safety and dignity of animals is becoming increasingly difficult due to the mechanical impostors used in high-budget nationally televised commercials," said PETA spokesperson Aileen Ross, noting that animatronic animals have no labels or signs marking them as fake. "Our members recently wasted two weeks protesting the exploitation of a bongo-playing manatee, never realizing it was just a puppet created to advertise an insurance company. Just today, I viewed a particularly egregious ad involving a talking chimpanzee and a horse that frankly, still has me confused as to whether they're real or not." At press time, reports are coming in that six PETA members have been arrested for liberating a team of robotic surfing mice from a commercial studio set.

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