Philip Morris Under Fire

With statistics showing teen smoking greatly on the rise, the federal government is taking aim at tobacco companies, proposing legislation limiting them to text-only ads in youth-oriented publications and banning cigarette billboards near public schools. What do you think?

"I understand the dangers of teen smoking and all that stuff. That's why I make my kids smoke in the kitchen."

Duane Leary • Systems Analyst


"I want to do what's right for my kid, but Timmy would miss his favorite Saturday morning Fox cartoon, FilterKing and the NicoTeens of the Cigaverse."

Dave Reiderer • Librarian

"People are too easily influenced by bright, flashy ad campaigns featuring cute characters like Joe Camel. Once, I freebased an entire bottle of Toilet Duck."

George Espinoza • File Clerk


"Man, the next thing you know, you'll have to be 18 just to buy the damn things."

Laurie Goodson • School Psychologist

"I think they should ban those Pringles ads with the guy dancing."

Emily Hastings • Floral Arranger


"No, we don't want teens to smoke. They're so lovable in their huge trousers and grubby shirts and bowl haircuts. No, we wouldn't want them to die horribly of lung cancer."

Jeff Biederman • Plumber

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