Pizza Crust Saved To Make Pizza Stock

ALLENTOWN, PA—In preparation for a traditional family recipe passed down by her grandparents, local woman Nicole Fitzsimmons sealed several leftover pizza crusts in a plastic container Thursday with an eye to making pizza stock from them later this week. “Most people just throw out their ‘pizza bones,’ but there’s a ton of flavor still in there,” said Fitzsimmons, 25, who “puts her own spin” on the recipe by throwing in leftover carrots, celery, and root vegetables. “You just toss warm water, pizza crusts, and your veggies in the kettle, and after a couple of hours, the connective dough in the crusts break down into a rich, savory base and you have delicious pizza stock. Super simple, and tastes way better than the pre-made pizza broth they sell at the grocery store.” Fitzsimmons also set aside several Sam Adams empties in order to try brewing her own beer bottles.

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