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LOS ANGELES—Promising swift action that would bring about much-needed change to the department, Los Angeles Police chief Michel Moore vowed Friday to take concrete steps to better cover up violence. “We’ve been as disturbed as anybody else that these videos are coming to light, and we’re taking immediate measures to make sure these recordings never happen again,” said Moore, who noted the department would begin confiscating cell phones and allocating more resources toward targeting journalists and photographers, ensuring this unacceptable behavior would no longer be witnessed. “Allowing these incidents of police brutality to be filmed is a huge oversight on our part, and we pledge to do everything in our power to curb their dissemination. All officers will be required to take a 12-hour training program teaching them to recognize, target, and neutralize cameras. We want the community to know the Los Angeles Police are fully committed to serving and protecting our best interests.” At press time, Moore added the LAPD was working with the mayor’s office to make the proper budget increases necessary to implement the new changes.


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