Police Department To Post Pictures Of Prostitutes, Johns On Facebook As Last Stand Against Illegal Sex Work

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Police in Flint, MI announced they will now post pictures of suspected prostitutes and men who solicit them on the department’s Facebook page in an effort to publicly shame them, which officers said is the next step in fighting prostitution because arresting people and policing the streets isn’t enough to stop the crime. What do you think?

“I was going to suggest addressing the social and economic problems that fuel prostitution, but I guess embarrassing people on Facebook is good, too.”

Sara Haynes • Cruise Directrix

“Well, I guess this means Uncle Steve is finally getting on Facebook.”

Randy Whiteside • Brick Sorter


“Only after the photos go viral and the prostitute, the john, the john’s wife, and the john’s children are all humiliated will justice be served.”

Denise Kopp • Dojo Inspector