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SACRAMENTO, CA—Discussing specifics of the investigation for the first time, Sacramento law enforcement officials confirmed Friday that after searching for over 40 years, they were able to pinpoint the “Golden State Killer” by tracing the owner of the “” website. “We caught a hot lead earlier this week when our Google search tool turned up a suspicious URL,” said Sacramento Police chief Daniel Hahn, adding that detectives knew they had stumbled across something big when the website’s homepage loaded a 7-Megabyte, color photo of suspect Joseph James DeAngelo accompanied by a caption indicating that he was indeed the “Golden State Killer”. “This was all public so there weren’t any legal hurdles. In fact, we didn’t really have to do any more police work besides plugging the home address listed on the site into Google Maps. Sometimes you just get lucky like that.” At press time, Chief Hahn urged the public to remain patient, as it would likely be years before the department could Google search the rest of its backlogged serial killers.


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