Polite Disney World Guest Decides Not To Bother Mickey Mouse For Picture

‘He’s Probably Really Busy,’ Says Respectful Man

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ORLANDO, FL—In an effort to respect the privacy of the world-famous star, considerate Disney World guest Eric Daniels decided Thursday that, despite being a huge fan of Mickey Mouse’s movies and TV shows, he would not approach the anthropomorphic spokesrodent for a picture. “More than anything, I wanted to introduce myself, but I’m sure he’s constantly approached by fans when he goes out. I mean, think about it—Walt Disney World isn’t just his workplace. It’s also his home,” said Daniels, noting that while the famous actor and mouse seemed happy talking with the large group of fans gathered to meet him, a performer of his caliber was most likely being professional by interrupting his routine to pose for photos and sign autographs. “I know you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but part of me feels like if I don’t say something to him here in the Magic Kingdom, I’ll regret it my whole life. But honestly, what would I even say to a big celebrity like that anyway? That his role in Fantasia changed my life? He must hear that all the time. He’s here with his wife, just out and about, trying to enjoy the beautiful day. He probably doesn’t have time to talk to a regular person like me about the sheer genius of Steamboat Willie or Lend A Paw.” At press time, Daniels satisfied himself by attempting to take a discreet photo of Mickey Mouse without him noticing.