Poll Finds 97% Of Americans Don’t Know Who Donald Trump Is

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WASHINGTON—With results that were consistent across every demographic group in all 50 states, a poll published Monday by the Pew Research Center revealed that 97 percent of U.S. citizens do not know who Donald Trump is. “When interviewed, the overwhelming majority of Americans did not recognize Donald Trump’s name, did not know he was associated with the federal government, and were unable to state whether he was a living person or a historical figure,” said pollster Jason Costello, adding that an even greater proportion of survey respondents, 99 percent, could not point to the correct picture when presented with photographs of the president and three other people. “Approximately 89 percent of the individuals we questioned merely shrugged or shook their heads upon hearing the words ‘Donald Trump,’ while 7 percent said the name sounded vaguely familiar, but they couldn’t quite place it. Another 2 percent incorrectly identified Trump as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.” The survey also discovered that an alarming 18 percent of Americans were unable to name current Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.