Poor Kid Really Good At Grocery Part Of ‘The Price Is Right’

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MASON, OH—Noting that his friend could rattle off the cost of items with near robotic accuracy, local 10-year-old Jamison Fritz told reporters Tuesday that his poor friend Daniel was really good at the grocery part of The Price Is Right. “Whenever they put things like snacks, food, or toiletries on TV, Daniel always knows the exact price, and can do the math in his head super fast,” said Fritz, who added that his friend could guess and calculate totals within a few cents, and was especially good at games like Bargain, Checkout, and Hi Lo. “When it comes to stuff like Kraft Mac & Cheese, Ramen, and off-brand peanut butter, Daniel has never once been wrong. The only time he had trouble was with big items, like boats, cars, and TVs. He’s got no idea what’s going on there.” Fritz confirmed that his poor friend also did really well during games where contestants had to guess the price of toys, which was weird because he didn’t really have any.