Pope Francis Urges World To Give ‘The Newsroom’ Another Chance

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VATICAN CITY—Calling upon the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics to act with forgiveness towards the Aaron Sorkin series, Pope Francis held a press conference Monday urging the world to give HBO drama The Newsroom another chance. “I’m advising Christians around the world to come together and open our hearts to this political drama,” said the 83-year-old pontiff, recommending his followers to be Christ-like in their appraisal of the show’s “uneven” pilot episode. “Brothers and sisters, I’m well aware that this show is Sorkin at his most self-indulgent, but there are actually some great performances from Jeff Bridges and the absolutely stacked cast. Let us not forget Alison Pill’s standout role as News Night associate producer Maggie Jordan. Sure, the first season is pretty rough, but who among us is without sin? Do unto Aaron Sorkin as you would want done unto you.” Pope Francis concluded by conceding that Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip was an unforgivable trespass.