MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Promising the most engaging and enjoyable experience of any mobile dating technology, the developers of the popular new app Couplet told reporters Monday their platform consists entirely of a static list of 20 physically attractive singles designed to be scrolled through endlessly. “Whereas other apps constantly refresh their databases with new profiles and pair people up based on mutual interests and attraction, we simply display the same 20 good-looking individuals over and over, none of whom our users can match with or even contact, but whom they can look at all they want,” said Couplet founder Kris Jacobs of the app, which currently has 16 million registered users and is ranked No. 3 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, where it has perfect five-star customer ratings. “Clicking on one of the featured singles’ pictures displays more photos of them, and whenever you find someone you like, you can choose to ‘heart’ them, which sends them up to the top of your scrolling queue where you can ‘heart’ them all over again. It’s that easy.” Based on initial feedback, Jacobs said the app would soon be adding an option to have the singles’ photos cycle through continuously without any input from the user.