Populist Candidate Gaining Support Among Underrepresented Corporations

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WASHINGTON—Explaining that his grassroots campaign appeals to a large number of publicly traded firms from a diverse array of industries, political observers confirmed Friday that populist Texas Senate candidate Sean Rogers continues to ride a wave of support from his state’s many underrepresented corporations. “By presenting himself as an alternative to politicians in the pocket of the high-profile, blue-chip establishment, Rogers has found a way to tap into the frustrations and concerns of the many ordinary corporations that have long felt alienated by the political process,” said political science professor David Thorne of Stanford University, noting that, rather than relying on large donations from a few elite companies, Rogers’ campaign has focused on collecting contributions from a much broader base of firms that can often give just $10,000 or $50,000. “After years of being ignored in favor of corporate giants like Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil, many of these ordinary public companies believe Rogers will ensure they finally have a voice in Washington. He has proven that he understands what it’s like to be from outside the Fortune 500, and frankly, when these regular corporations look at him, they see a little bit of themselves.” Thorne cautioned that Rogers’ biggest obstacle remains fighting the perception that he is merely preying on the fears and desperation of the average multinational masses.