Prego Marketing New Marinara As ‘The Premiere Sauce For The #MeToo Moment’

Illustration for article titled Prego Marketing New Marinara As ‘The Premiere Sauce For The #MeToo Moment’

CAMDEN, NJ—Touting the product as a zesty addition to any meal that also perfectly fits the present cultural revolution, Prego announced Thursday that their new marinara is the premiere pasta sauce for the #MeToo Moment. “With its perfect balance of vine-ripened tomatoes and savory Italian seasonings, #MeToo Marinara is the only pasta sauce that takes a stand with the brave women speaking out against unacceptable sexual conduct in our society,” a Prego press release read in part, adding that the pasta sauce comes packaged in a 24-oz jar with labels honoring leaders of the movement such as Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd for launching a long-overdue reckoning with workplace harassment and consent. “Whether you’re enjoying it over bucatini or layering it in a pan for perfect baked ziti, the moment you experience this sauce’s tangy bite, you’ll know you’re eating in solidarity with every woman and man who joined this cultural watershed and declared enough is enough to systemic sexual harassment and toxic masculinity—Mama mia!” The company also recommended that customers visit for Italian recipes such as “Carbonara d’Consent” and “Male Privilege Primavera.”