Illustration for article titled Primaried Steve King Glad He At Least Won’t Have To Be PC Anymore

SIOUX CITY, IA—Following his defeat in the Republican primary, nine-term House Representative Steve King was reportedly glad Wednesday that at least he wouldn’t have to be PC anymore. “Now that I’m a private citizen, I can finally speak my mind without feeling like I’m walking on eggshells trying not to offend anyone,” said King, explaining it was such a burden to have speechwriters and aides toning down every little remark. “Losing stings, but now I don’t have to watch my words all the time. As an elected official, you have to be so careful about what metaphors you use to describe black people. The mainstream media loves to blow everything you say about the merits of white nationalism out of proportion. Well, watch out PC police, it’s time to meet the real Steve King.” At press time, King added that his friends in Congress would be so jealous to hear him saying out loud what they wish they could. 


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